Reputation management mistakes you NEED to avoid

If you are someone who owns an online business then it is safe to say that reputation marketing is basically something you already know about, however, if you happen to be new in the world of online business and want to know more, then you should know that reputation marketing is basically a mix of brand reputation and different aspects of marketing. However, reputation marketing is basically an online reputation of the business you are running, and of course, the products you are offering will have some positive and negative remarks along the way.

A lot of people don’t know but reputation marketing can make and break a business on the internet, and there are several reasons for it. You see, when you are running a business on the internet, you need to be careful about a lot of different factors, one of the most important factor is learning how to handle customer feedback; both negative and positive. Several businesses think that the feedback doesn’t matter a lot, but it does. If the business you are running constant gets bad reviews or remarks from the customers, people will start drifting away from the business and it will stop generating any revenue. Today, we are going to tell you some mistakes you can avoid.

Not Paying Attention to Reviews and Comments

One of the biggest advantages of running an online business happens to be the fact that most customers start submitting their reviews and feedbacks as soon as the service or a product is provided to them. While for newcomers, this maybe a crucial phase as they are still practicing and experimenting with different phases of running an online business, one of the biggest mistake anyone can make is not paying attention to the reviews and comments. Believe it or not, most big online companies have hired people specifically for the purpose of replying to the feedbacks because it is something very crucial for the business.

Not Giving Proper Response to Negative Feedbacks

No matter how big and popular your online business is, there’s no doubt in saying that you will be getting a couple of unhappy customers, and as a business, you have the obligation to respond them thoroughly and properly. However, a lot of big and small online businesses make the mistake of not doing so, their customer support is highly uncooperative, unprofessional, and even rude at times. The best way to deal with negative feedback is giving a polite response and providing rectification if applicable at your end.

Buying Reviews

A lot of online businesses start their way by purchasing reviews; they either offer their services/products for free or offer a sum amount of money to people who basically write biased reviews on the product or the service provided without even properly testing it. Although it is a nice beginning for early businesses, it has become a common practice even among the most prestigious of online companies. You need to avoid that at all costs.

Reputation management tips

For those who don’t know, reputation marketing is the type of marketing that is basically a combination of brand reputation and a few different types of marketing. Reputation marketing is very crucial for online businesses, so crucial that one wrong move can actually topple the business you have spent years perfecting. A lot of companies make several mistakes like not hiring a customer support, buying reviews, not handling negative remarks, and completely avoiding the comments and feedbacks. However, in order to successfully handle reputation marketing, there are certain steps one need to take so the business runs smoothly and the customers are properly treated.

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If you are someone who is running an online business or planning on, we are going to explore some of the basic tips you really need to know about reputation marketing in order to make sure that your online business survives instead of toppling down to the ground because of one small mistake.

Pay Attention to the Customer Feedback

Obviously, if you are running an online business, you are going to get a lot of customer feedback. Customer feedback is crucial for any online business at it basically gives you a lot of reputation on the internet or takes away the reputation you have. Many online businesses ignore this completely and lose the chance to actually improve upon the business they have built. However, the right tip is to pay attention to every single feedback you get, even the positive ones.

You can reply to the comments that are posted on your website, and in order to make sure that the response isn’t too straightforward, make sure your tone is friendly, if it’s a mistake at your end, accept it, and if it’s on the customer’s end, explain it politely.

Deal With Criticism

If you are running an online business, it is a safe thing to say that you are going to face criticism along your way, while a lot of owners actually don’t deal with criticism at all, or reply with remarks that both vague and rude. The actual tip here is to make sure that whatever criticism you are receiving – you accept it, and work upon it to make sure it doesn’t happen again. This isn’t only good for your business at the very instant, but also for future because if you actually improve on something reported by a customer, the customer is most likely to come back.

Don’t be Egoistical

Last but not the least, you also need to make sure that no matter what sort of online business you are running, and no matter how large the scale is here, you leave the ego out of the door. Online businesses runners must have a proper relationship with their customers, because at the end of the day, the two major thing that can either build the business or break the business is the customer and the feedback the customers come up with. If you treat your customers justly, they will be providing you with positive feedbacks that are really healthy for building reputation.

Why is reputation marketing crucial for business?

Reputation marketing is basically a mix of different fields combined into one, at one hand, it borrows a lot from brand marketing, and on the other hand, it also borrows a few elements from reputation management. In simpler words, reputation marketing is something very important for every business, and especially businesses that are running on the internet. If you are wondering how and why reputation marketing and especially reputation is important for a business on the internet, then you should know that according to a study that was conducted in 2012, more than 70 percent of the consumers who are buying something online will go ahead and make the purchase just because the have seen positive reviews on the product page. This means that there are high chances that the 70 percent people didn’t bother checking any other reviews.

Reputation management is crucial for businesses when it comes to lead generation, your pipeline will be full of prospects if your reputation is good.

The bigger picture

Now imagine having a business online and you are selling something as common as computer components or customized t-shirts, the more positive reviews you get about your services such as customer support, delivery, and behavior with customers, the more customers you will be getting in near future. While it may not be as important for the business that is not being run in the real life, reputation marketing happens to be really important for running a successful online business.

It can be said that Amazon was the first one to actually bring forth the reputation marketing, this is because Amazon was the first online based business that allowed customer reviews on the products, and today, every single product that is on Amazon is being bought or being skipped because of the amount of positive or negative reviews it has. In simpler words, basic online reviews on product pages have a tremendous effect on the customer’s decision of buying a product or skipping one.

Importance of having a good reputation

Another importance of reputation marketing can be seen in real life where banks and firms that offer loan usually need to be influenced or impressed by a business’ reputation on the internet; if a small business owner goes to a bank for a loan, they’ll check their reputation on the internet, the better the reputation, the higher the chances of getting the loan approved, and considering how everything in the modern day and age is basically out in the public, a small remark or a review published on a business’s page can actually turn the course for the entire business and can either make it better or worse.

So, what can a person do in such cases? Reputation marketing isn’t something really difficult to handle, there are some certain steps and precautions that you need to take care of and if you do that, it is assured that you will be successful. Avoid mistakes like ignoring the feedbacks you receive or replying with harsh comments and putting everything on the customer and learn to accept the mistakes that are made at your end and apologise for the inconvenience caused.